Morphological Ultrasound Scan

Every pregnant woman receives a morphology ultrasound at 20-22 weeks to look for fetal anomalies or abnormal fetal parts.

20-22 Weeks in Your Pregnancy

At 20-22 weeks gestation there are usually good views of the limbs as well as the internal organs. The morphology ultrasound is sometimes called an “anomaly scan” because fetal abnormalities are looked for at this time.

Safety of Ultrasounds

Ultrasound uses sound waves, not ionizing radiation like x-rays. There have been many long term studies which have shown no adverse effect from an examination before birth. Follow-up has shown normal growth and development, normal eyesight and hearing, and a normal range of school performance.

If There Are Abnormalities

After the morphology ultrasound, you can discuss any abnormal findings with your doctor. He/She will likely refer you to a specialist for a more extensive ultrasound.

  • Reminder
  • Taking pictures during a scan is not permitted (this includes video, tablet and phone cameras). We encourage you to schedule a prenatal portrait session for special pictures of your baby. If children accompany you to the exam, they must be supervised by an adult who is not the patient while they are in our Ultrasound Center.