Gynecological Services

Outside of medicine, gynecology means “the science of women”. It is concerned with the treatment of the female vagina, uterus, ovaries, and breasts. At Women’s Health Associates, we offer a full-service catalog of gynecological services. Your gynecologist is always happy to schedule a regular check-up appointment to answer questions, but there are a number of specific occasions in which it may be appropriate to meet with your gynecologist. If you think you may be pregnant or have concerns that you’ve contracted a sexually transmitted infection, be sure to call your gynecologist as soon as these concerns arise. Additionally, be sure to consult with your WHA gynecologist if you have been experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Potential Symptoms of Gynecologic Problems:
  • Bleeding between periods

    Frequent and urgent need to urinate, or a burning sensation while urinating

    Pain in the pelvis (non-menstrual cramps)

    3 consecutive months without a period

    Unusually heavy period

    Vaginal itching, swelling, sores, unusual odors or discharge, etc

    Recent non-consensual sexual contact

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